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The writer has a degree in English literature, and has specialized in children's books written by Canadian authors.

She has chosen the pseudonym CanalKin in honour of her paternal grandmother who, as a girl, grew up poling the canals of Holland in a houseboat that also served as a source of income for the family. That story has yet to be written.

Right now CanalKin is busy raising her dog, Benson, who in turn is supervising his own little dog, Javah, a rescue.

Join as a fan or a follower, and you will be kept informed about the field of kids lit and the antics of Benson and Javah.

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    Human's-Eye View of a Killdeer

    3 years ago

    As I walked toward the shoreline of Lake Ontario, my ears were assaulted with loud cries that sounded like "kill deer." Stopping mid-stride, I listened, and heard the distinctive cry again. Eventually, I...

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    Welcome to the Bensonian hub pages

    3 years ago

    I first saw a glimpse of Benson when I asked the breeder, "What about that one, on the bottom of the pile?" Five bigger, more ebullient brothers and sisters sat on top of the runt of the litter. PHOTO by SHANE...

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